Using Comfort To Find Your Next Job and Best Life

When you think of the word comfort, many familiar things can come to mind. You might be thinking about your favorite pair of jeans, curling up on the couch, or that super fuzzy blanket you got for Christmas a few years back. And while those are all very comfortable ideas, it’s not the exact definition that I had in mind.

Just for fun, let’s take it to the dictionary to get started:

Comfort /kuhm-fert/ noun: a state or situation where you are relaxed, the feeling of being less worried, to afford or enjoy contentment

Early on in my book, Blue Collar Cash, we discuss the idea of physically drawing on paper what you want your life to look like and how you see it unfolding. Now, If you want that to include those well-worn jeans, the comfiest couches, and the fuzziest blankets, be my guest. You have total artistic license to make that life look like whatever you want.  Seeing clearly who you could be and what that life might look like is the very first and most potent step to actually making it happen.

But I’d like to add to that concept. I want to look at comfort as it pertains to the path that leads to a life of comfort, peace, and freedom. It’s an internal feeling of comfort. It’s about you being comfortable with who you are.

Are you comfortable with the direction your life is heading?

Are you comfortable with the progress or completion of your goals in life?

Are you comfortable with the way you spend your precious free time?

Are you comfortable with the way you are perceived by others?

Now here is a curveball for you.  You see, ironically, the path to a life of comfort might actually lead you out of your comfort zone. It may mean not chasing labels, not struggling to keep up with the Joneses, and not doing something you hate just to pay the bills. In other words, not doing the things that you think others might want you to do. It’s about being in control of your own choices and being comfortable with them. Remember this, you and only you know the answers to these questions.

To find true comfort, we need to be acutely aware of our strengths and our weaknesses. Being able to accept that you’re not that great at something you’re doing or that it’s not something you are interested in is an important part of self-awareness. If you’re not happy with the way your world is progressing, you’re just going to be stuck there wishing for a different life. Conversely, finding that opportunity that brings you great passion and heading in that direction is just as much, if not more important to gaining the life you seek.

It’s time to broaden your outlook and really start to think about how you can find more comfort. You got this! So, if you are curious about how to find your very own unique version of comfort? Read up on what crayons can do for you or check out The Path