Which Trades Are In the Top Jobs for 2023?

The most two most important parts of achieving success are choosing a path and then putting one foot in front of the other. But making the decision on which path is right for you can be a challenge! Whether you’re looking forward to entering the workforce for the first time, or thinking about making a career change to find something better, knowing the best options can make a big difference. And there are plenty of options for trades in the top jobs for 2023!

Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand jobs projected for the upcoming year that don’t require a college degree.


Most people couldn’t even imagine a life without electronics these days. And it’s all thanks to the dedicated work of electricians. From installing to maintaining and repairing, electricians keep the world buzzing with power. And the trade could be lucrative top job in 2023!

The job outlook for electricians in 2023 and the years to follow is an increase of over 7 percent. And while that may not sound like a lot, several other trades are facing stagnant growth or even decreases, making electricians unique in their continuing expansion.

Moreover, that growth is on the back of one of the biggest trades in the country, already featuring over 700,000 electricians. That’s a good indicator that no amount of electricians will ever be enough, making plenty of room for new workers like you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates nearly 80,000 electrician jobs will be open every year for the next 10 years.

As far as trades go, electricians rank highly in median pay per hour, too. So you’re more likely to find work and even enjoy a nicer payday for your efforts! In fact, in states like Alaska, electricians are one of the few top earning trades you can get!

Construction Equipment Operators

Why sit in an office all day when you could ditch the suit and tie to operate heavy machinery and make a difference in the world? Construction equipment operators are the lucky folks who get to enjoy the outdoors from a window seat of their excavator, bulldozer, or any of the other types of heavy equipment needed to get the job done.

Like electricians, construction equipment operators are projected to see modest growth into 2023 and beyond, making it a top job option for those who want into a trade that’s more likely to have work available. On top of that, with no degree required and only a moderate amount of on-the-job training required, it’s surprisingly quick to get your hands on the controls of a heavy piece of machinery and start earning your way towards success.

If you’re willing to move around the country, there are plenty of options to get your foot in the door in this top job pick for 2023. States like California or New York offer the highest hourly wages, or you could set out for states like Texas or Pennsylvania where the job will be in the highest demand.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be crushing it (maybe literally) in a trade that lets you start earning right away while enjoying what you do.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

In addition to some of the traditional trade jobs out there, some of the newer industries are experiencing explosive growth and looking for those ready to pave the way towards the future. One of those industries is solar energy.

While the technology behind solar power is ever-changing, one thing remains true: solar power needs installers ready to get the panels functioning! With a 27 percent expected growth, this industry is a good choice for those who want to get into a newer trade.

Solar photovoltaic installers get a decent amount of variety in their lives. From rooftop installations to isolated solar farms, there’s a lot of different ways to install these panels. Maintenance is a critical part of the job too, so there’s always work to be done to ensure they’re working at peak efficiency.

The median pay of solar photovoltaic installers was just under $50,000 in 2021 with pay expected to increase.

Wind Turbine Technicians

Solar isn’t the only energy industry looking to expand. Wind turbines are another type of growing alternative energy source and is desperately in need of workers. How desperate? Well, the BLS predicts an increase of 44 percent of workers moving forward!

Few trades are seeing growth like that, and as alternative energy sources continue to rise in use, that’s unlikely to change in the near future. 2021 saw a median pay for wind turbine technicians as high as almost $60,000 per year, too!

One thing to note is that being a wind turbine technician doesn’t require any formal education beyond a high school diploma, but many of the workers do opt into some type of postsecondary education. That’ll be up to you!

For workers who love the outdoors (and maybe aren’t afraid of heights,) the industry could be a perfect way to make your mark on a growing sector of our economy while skipping the college debt of a 4-year degree.

Animal Care and Service Workers

Do you love animals? If so, there’s work for you in 2023 and beyond! The animal care industry is a massive part of our economy, employing about 350,000 people as of 2021. And that industry is expecting to see a faster-than-average growth of almost 30% over the next decade.

The field offers a wide range of choices too. Animal care includes businesses like:

  • Stables
  • Animal Shelters
  • Zoos
  • Kennels
  • Vet Clinics

All of these places are looking for workers ready to help feed, clean, train, or otherwise care for animals without a degree. Your life experiences working with animals can go a long way towards finding a job in the industry. After you start working, you’ll develop skills that are incredibly unique, opening even more doors down the road – including entrepreneurship!

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