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Advantages of Goal Setting for Success

Goals are something we all have, whether it's a dream career, a healthy lifestyle, or even just completing a Netflix series. However, setting goals and achieving them is an art in itself. It requires a lot of effort and dedication. So, why is it so important to set goals? The advantages of setting goals goes well beyond the interaction of setting and accomplishing goals. It serves to improve how we conceptualize tasks, how we approach them, and how we feel about making progress from small goals to big goals.

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Do You Have to Go to College? Nope! Here’s Why Skipping College Makes Financial Sense

Over the past few decades, the societal push to get high school graduates straight into college has been strong. And it’s with good intentions too – the belief over these years has been that going to college is the best way to land a high paying job and achieve financial (and personal) success! But more and more, people are asking: do you have to go to college? And is it financially the best option?

The real answer is that, for millions of people, skipping college could be the best financial decision you make in your lifetime! Read on to learn more about why avoiding the college route can benefit your journey towards happiness. Read More »

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Which Trades Are In the Top Jobs for 2023?

The most two most important parts of achieving success are choosing a path and then putting one foot in front of the other. But making the decision on which path is right for you can be a challenge! Whether you’re looking forward to entering the workforce for the first time, or thinking about making a career change to find something better, knowing the best options can make a big difference. And there are plenty of options for trades in the top jobs for 2023!

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