The Fastest Growing Trade Jobs For 2020 and Beyond

By now, you’ve heard about the vast number of job openings in the trades. With Baby Boomers retiring and a never-ending need for skilled workers, the trades have never been more inviting for those looking to grow their career or run their own business.

Some trades are truly skyrocketing. These five fast growing trade jobs need people to step into the workforce or change careers just to keep up with demand. These aren’t just the fastest-growing trade jobs, though. They are also some of the fastest-growing careers overall and some of the best careers for 2020 and beyond because they are high-paying, available, and only require high school or trade school instead of a bachelor’s degree.

Getting into the trades now is a great career move.

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Some of the Fastest Growing Trade Jobs for 2020

Renewable Energy Technicians

Unsurprisingly, new technology brings new jobs. While renewable energy sources aren’t as new as they used to be, they are more viable than ever as the technology within them continues to grow. Solar photovoltaic installers (or PV installers) and wind turbine service technicians are skilled jobs like any others. You’ll learn skills on the job, and while these types of technology are unique, the skills that go into installing and maintaining them can apply across many fields.

Typical jobs can see growth in just small percentages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that Renewable Energy Technicians may grow upwards of 63 percent between now and 2028! 

Flooring Installers

Another industry that’s begging for new workers is flooring, which includes tile and marble setters. With the explosive growth in new housing that’s expected to continue, tradespeople of all types will be needed. While carpenters and electricians are popular trades to look to, installing floors requires the same level of experience and skill.

Flooring installers get to work with all types of different materials, from wood to tile and carpet. While new housing is an obvious source of business, remodeling is just as common. This creates a wealth of opportunity to employ these skills. It’s no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an 11 percent growth over the next few years! 

Plumbers & Pipefitters

Plumbing is one of the fast growing careers.

Just like flooring installers, both new buildings and those in need of retrofitting are in desperate need of plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. Any work that involves installation and maintenance of pipes that transport liquid and gas, requires a skilled tradesperson.

The BLS projects job growth in this industry to be around 14 percent – much higher than average! However, this growth also comes in an industry that’s already fairly large – meaning the high percentage is surprising!

Like most trades, the plumbing industry is one that lets you earn as much as you’d like. If you’re willing to do the work, there’s always more plumbing to be done: from new installation to repairs and house calls. Plumbing is also an industry where you can seize an opportunity to be your own boss. Thus, building a reputation as a reliable plumber can lead to a lot of wealth as a small business owner.

Steelworkers and Ironworkers

The entire world is covered in steel and ironwork. From high-rises to bridges and everything in between, our basic infrastructure relies on a vast network of qualified workers. Those working in structural steel and iron industries are particularly desirable.

These jobs are demanding and often involve working at great heights. Despite this, modern safety equipment and guidelines make it just as safe as other work.

You may have noticed the trend by now – steel and ironworkers are another industry booming due to the continual expansion of our infrastructure and new construction. At a projected 11 percent job growth, it’s another one of the fastest growing trade jobs and another great opportunity that makes success that much easier to achieve.

Derrick Operators

Derrick Operator is a fast growing trade job

A lesser-known career field that is growing at a faster than average rate is derrick operating. Derrick operators are responsible for erecting, operating, and positioning derricks, a type of crane, as well as inspecting, maintaining, and servicing all components of the derrick. This career does not require any formal education, and most in the field enter with a high school degree.

Similar to steelworkers and ironworkers, derrick operating is a demanding but rewarding job. This career allows operators to not only work outdoors but often offers the opportunity to travel. Derrick operators can work on a variety of sites, from local construction sites to drilling rigs overseas. Job demand for derrick operators is expected to grow a substantial 31 percent in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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