Forget the Get Rich Quick Myth – How to Plan for Achievable Success

Life often seems like a race to riches. Every step, every choice designed exclusively to bring you closer to an arbitrary amount of wealth that will let you take a step back and start to enjoy everything else. Because of that, the get rich quick myth is pervasive across all career fields: from white collar to blue collar.

But what’s the actual best way to achieve success? Read on to learn about the get rich quick myth and why you should consider a more reliable approach to success.

Can You Get Rich Quick?

You can earn enough money to become rich overnight. It’s true – anyone can technically get rich quick. The reason “get rich quick” is a myth, however, is that you generally have no control over this type of financial windfall.

Anyone could win the lottery, or accidentally strike oil in their backyards like the Beverly Hillbillies or even bet it all on a roulette wheel and actually win. The reality, however, is that waiting for these opportunities is a nearly guaranteed way to end up standing at square one with nothing to show for it.

But you may say, “I have a friend who went from laborer to philanthropist overnight – no luck involved!” It’s still a myth to call it quick, though, because in most of these situations, it’s a bit like an iceberg. You see the transition from rags to riches from the outside as a single step, the tip of the iceberg. But what you can’t see is the years of work, failures they pushed through and skills they developed to make that leap!

So, you’re left asking the question, “How do I reliably achieve success?” Fortunately, the answer to that is far from a myth! 

The Tips for Achievable Success

Trying to get rich quick comes down to luck. Earning success is a path that anyone can take. Where you start is always different, but reaching the end is possible for nearly everyone!

Success Takes Time

Overnight success is the exception. Real achievements require a lot of build-up. The first things you encounter when working towards success? Failure, mistakes and readjustment. No path is a straight one, and they take years to reach milestones.

Think of a tradesperson who owns a business. They didn’t start there. They likely started as an apprentice. Over the years, they did the tough and dirty work. Over time, their responsibilities grew which gave them new opportunities to earn and save.

Eventually, after years or decades of putting in their dues, they take a leap to start their own business. Even then, a successful business takes time. They build their reputation, spread their service area and eventually become the respected contractor you know today.

How often does that happen? A lot more often than million-dollar jackpots are won!

Success Takes Planning

Few success stories happen by random chance. To succeed, you must make a plan. Setting goals isn’t just a part of success, it’s an important skill that most people struggle with. Without a plan, you miss out on several important steps towards progress:

You don’t know where to start – When you’re just starting to think of your career opportunities, especially if you’re blinded by dreams of getting rich quick, you may not have a clue where to begin. That indecision can stall you out and push success further away. 

You don’t know where to go – Plans involve an ultimate goal that guides your life. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, the major goal is something to work towards, it acts as motivation, and it lets you know when you’ve achieved success.

You don’t know how you’re doing – Progress without a goal often doesn’t feel like progress at all. You don’t know if you’re closer to any defined achievement and it can make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Success Earned is More Fulfilling than Success Given

Instead of chasing get rich quick schemes, you can achieve success in a way that’s not only more reliable, but more satisfying. In fact, WebMD even has an entry for “sudden wealth syndrome” which describes the additional stress and problems associated with those “lucky” few people who do manage to hit the jackpot.

It’s a well-known phenomenon that people who are given wealth, power or fame don’t enjoy it as much as those who earned it. Like anything, there may be exceptions, but the reality is that genuine accomplishments are satisfying whereas rewards without reason feel empty.

Spending all your time thinking of how to get rich quick may end up working. But statistically, you’d be likely to squander the wealth and end up back where you started. 

The Skilled Trades Set You Up for Achievable Success

Entering the skilled trades is one of the most reliable ways that anyone, and I mean anyone, can find achievable success. Tradespeople have several benefits in their career paths that most other fields don’t offer:

Anyone Can Do It – Trades vary greatly, with each one requiring different skills than the last. Because this variety exists, you’re practically guaranteed to find a trade that speaks to your skillset.

The Path is Clear – Learning and progressing in the trades has a well-defined road, starting from apprenticeship all the way through becoming a master.

Jobs Are Abundant – Unlike some of the more popular career paths out of college, the trades have openings everywhere and all the time. When you enter a skilled trade, finding work isn’t difficult!

Become Your Own Boss – Ultimately, being master of your own destiny is a goal of most Americans. Fortunately, life in the trades not only opens those doors to you, it spends your entire career ushering you towards them. By the time you’ve put in your years of work, you’ll be ready to start your own business and reach your major career milestone of self-employment.

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