Accomplishing Goals

Building a Mental Foundation for Success

I know a thing or two about foundations - I’ve been working on them since I was 15! Without the proper systems in place, many foundations face serious water damage due to rainfall. Other foundations just weren’t built right to begin with. 

Regardless, I’ve seen my share of cracking walls and flooded basements. I’ve even seen homes about ready to collapse because of the condition of the foundation. Read More »

How to Achieve Any Business Goal – Get the Whole Team On Board

Most small business goals revolve around increasing revenue, increasing accounts, or even increasing staff. In all of these cases, we must begin with the end in mind and plan how to get there.

Yet, without buy-in from employees, you can plan all you want, and you’re still unlikely to reach the goal on time (if you get there at all). That’s why it’s my personal belief that business goals are best served when shared with all of the players involved and tied to your employees’ personal goals.  As the owner of several businesses, I have always said to our employees that "I can't get (nor can my company get) what I need or want ... until all of you get what you need first," and I believe that this has been the secret to the tremendous growth within our organizations. For example, one of my companies has expanded so much we are building its fourth headquarters in the last 20 years. Read More »

How To Spend Your Paycheck For The Ideal Budget

People hear the word "budget" and start to panic. Usually, this is because they're either stressed about their budget or, worse, don't have one. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

Budgeting doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it can open you up to a more beautiful life of sustainable financial health. Money and time are valuable resources and spending them wisely will make you happier. Budgeting is a great way to lay out your priorities and to help you determine how to spend your money AND time.  Read More »

Forget the Get Rich Quick Myth – How to Plan for Achievable Success

Life often seems like a race to riches. Every step, every choice designed exclusively to bring you closer to an arbitrary amount of wealth that will let you take a step back and start to enjoy everything else. Because of that, the get rich quick myth is pervasive across all career fields: from white collar to blue collar.

But what’s the actual best way to achieve success? Read on to learn about the get rich quick myth and why you should consider a more reliable approach to success. Read More »

Financial Advice For Blue-Collar Workers

How to become a millionaire, fix your credit, and spend your money wisely

What’s the best way to become a millionaire? Listen up Gen Z because the best piece of financial advice is to get started early. 

Despite what you may have been told, with the right financial plan you can become financially secure with basically any job. In fact, I know plenty of blue-collar millionaires and I have 19 year-olds in my office who are already on their wayRead More »

How To Become A Millionaire: Go Blue-Collar

You Can Take Blue-Collar Wages and Become a Millionaire

Perhaps there’s nothing more condescending or ill-informed than the questions directed at teens who are looking to pursue blue-collar careers. “If you’re just gonna be a construction worker how are you ever gonna get rich?”

The same way anyone else does: financial discipline, planning, and hard work. However, one important caveat is necessary… it’s easier to become a millionaire with a high-paying blue-collar job than it is to become one anywhere else. Read More »

8 Character Traits Better For Your Career Than A Degree

As college acceptance season inches closer, I’ve been exploring the value of a college degree and comparing it to options like apprenticeships. College degrees impart value based on your own personal goals and career choices, so they can be both a lot more or a lot less valuable than the dollar amount assigned to them.

How To Succeed Without A Degree

As someone who’s hired hundreds of employees, there’s one thing I know for certain: no college degree will bring as much happiness or success as certain character traits. In fact, I’ve found 8 of them that will help you accomplish your goals and serve you better than any degree. Read More »

9 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew At 18

Some things you just have to find out on your own, but there are plenty of financial and life lessons that schools should teach but don’t. From financial advice to relationship knowledge, I probably could have avoided many of the mistakes I made in my life if I just learned a bit more in high school. Here are 9 things that I had to learn the hard way that you don’t have to repeat.

1. Always ask the question because questions are free (and the 2nd best answer you can get is NO). Your grade school teachers were right. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Never be afraid to ask for help because everybody needs help from time to time… and usually, people are happy to be of assistance with their knowledge and time. I once asked my boss’ boss if he would consider me for a much higher position knowing in advance he would have to say no in order to keep the peace amongst the other work crews. He did, in fact, say no but a few months later I was called over to his truck and he gave me the promotion I was originally looking for. Read More »

How To Set Goals For Your Blue-Collar Career

Everyone wants to be successful, but how do you get there? Blue-collar, white-collar? College or an apprenticeship? With the uncertainty that every day can bring, what separates accomplishment from complacency? The simple answer is goals. They’re the marker for progress and the light that guides you in the direction you want to go for peace and happiness in life.

But setting goals isn’t easy. If you need help, read on to learn tips for setting goals that will help you grow yourself and bring you closer to the life that you want. Read More »