How to Achieve Any Business Goal – Get the Whole Team On Board

Most small business goals revolve around increasing revenue, increasing accounts, or even increasing staff. In all of these cases, we must begin with the end in mind and plan how to get there.

Yet, without buy-in from employees, you can plan all you want, and you’re still unlikely to reach the goal on time (if you get there at all). That’s why it’s my personal belief that business goals are best served when shared with all of the players involved and tied to your employees’ personal goals.  As the owner of several businesses, I have always said to our employees that “I can’t get (nor can my company get) what I need or want … until all of you get what you need first,” and I believe that this has been the secret to the tremendous growth within our organizations. For example, one of my companies has expanded so much we are building its fourth headquarters in the last 20 years.

You may have a clear vision for exactly what result you desire from your forward-looking plan, and that’s fine.  But you are one person, and that vision or the power thereof is limited to you as one individual. Tying your goals to those of your employees means accessing the power of their own clearly defined visions to drive the business ahead. It also tremendously reduces the amount of time you need to spend motivating or cajoling employees to accomplish their tasks.

In this world of instant information or the ‘what’s in it for me’ attitudes of our workers (which I like, by the way), business owners are much better served to harness the momentum of each of their members’ mindsets as they begin to realize the progression towards their own personal betterment. Suppose an employee believes he or she can get what they want for themselves with and through involvement in your organization. In that case, they will feel like they can control the outcome of their lives, and they will be more dedicated to the company because of that opportunity.

Once this happens, get ready.  Just like we did, you will see growth like you never imagined.  And many times that growth will be beyond what you as the owner ever thought possible.

Quick Steps For Getting Buy-In To Achieve Your Business Plan

Announce the company goal to the entire team in a unique and fun way.  Also, state how strongly you feel about them and their personal goals. Discuss how the two tie together.

Create a public Goal Board that each participant can clearly write their goals on. Then use my 5 steps for accomplishing any goal.

1- Congratulate the participation as the board begins to fill out.

2- Make sure all their goals are must do’s and clearly defined.

3- Have them build in foolproof steps to ensure their completion

4- Put their goals into action mode, i.e., payroll deductions, forced savings, bill payments, etc.

5- Share the goals with the whole team, so there is collective accountability.

And finally, celebrate the wins often, both personal and company.

Remember, there is enormous power in your individual team members winning for themselves as you win for the company as a whole.  Follow these steps and watch your growth take off.