Finding Peace AKA Blue Collar Zen

In my opinion, every person’s ideal future requires establishing their own version of Comfort, Peace, and Freedom. We’ve already covered what comfort means in this context and now it’s time to talk about peace.

What is peace?

That’s a hard question, right? There are so many types of peace that we’re always striving for. There’s peace of mind, peace and quiet, and even the ever-elusive world peace. Before we jump into the lesson for today, let’s and start with a definition.

Peace /pēs/ noun: in a general sense, a state quiet or tranquility, freedom from disturbance, to temper the mind.

As you can see, “peace” is normally a calm state, but the peace we’re talking about is actually a bit different. My peace can only be attained by making a conscious choice to pursue your ideal future, and in my version you can work hard all day long, even in discomfort, and still experience peace, as long as you are aware that your work is getting you closer to your ideal future. Think of this version of peace as more like the working person’s Zen – a kind of blue-collar coolness, if you will.

It’s about knowing you’ve made the choice to put your life in play, put yourself first, and take the necessary actions you need to set and follow the goals you’ve set for yourself. So, what we’re really talking about is being at peace with the decisions you’ve made while setting yourself up for peace in the future.

Ditch digging is not a “peaceful” career, but nevertheless, the years I did it were still filled with peace because I knew the job could get me where I wanted to go (I wanted a happy family, big house, a pair of dogs, and a nice boat). I had my plan and I was at peace (and also filled with anticipation for each goal along the way).

Real peace comes from putting your life plan into action. When you do that, you can live in the present without regret about the past or anxiety about the future.

I want you to think about your future. Do you have a viable path to get where you want to be? If not, you should actually feel a bit unsettled because it’s past time for a change. If you’re ready to start experiencing peace, then you’re ready to start your PATH.

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