Which Trade Jobs Are Best For Women?

As someone heavily invested in the trades, I often see articles on the top-paying jobs, the jobs expecting the most growth, and similar. But one article consistently drives me crazy: “Which trade jobs are for women?”

Here’s the answer:

Any damn job they want.

The percentage of women in the trades remains small. In construction, the percentage hasn’t even changed much since the 1990s. That’s bad news for trade jobs, not just for equality, but because there’s a labor shortage in many fields.

We can make a difference though, by bringing shop classes back into schools, providing support for young women, and highlighting role models in the field. This International Women’s Month, I want to give a shoutout to people like Shannon Tymosko, Jelissa De Torres, and Sarah Listi. In their day jobs, they keep the country running, and after-hours they are great ambassadors who are changing the perception of blue-collar careers and helping a new generation see the possibilities created by our work.

Looking for resources designed to help women in the trades? Family Handyman lists these five:

  1. The National Association of Women In Construction Career Center
  2. Tradeswoman, Inc.
  3. The Women’s Bureau from The U.S. Department of Labor
  4. Professional Women in Construction
  5. Women Employed