Work is Hell! (And 8 Other Reasons It Might Be Time To Move On From Your Job)

Are you just done with your current job? Well, how do you know?

There are some obvious ways to tell it’s time to move on from your current job. If you are unfulfilled, unappreciated, over-utilized (or under-utilized), or passed over, you likely can sense it’s time to pack up and find a new opportunity. Yet, these are just some of the ways you may end up recognizing that this is no longer the role for you. Others are less obvious, often overlooked, and much more insidious.

Here are nine less obvious reasons that you and your job are no longer in sync. If you can check these boxes, consider touching up that resume of yours:

1. You’re unmotivated.

Going to work every day shouldn’t involve a pep talk. If you can’t find enjoyment or passion in the day-to-day tasks of your work then it’s time and you deserve better.

2. You’re not setting goals, and you don’t care to.

Setting short, medium, and long-term goals is a sure-fire way to get more done and lead a more fulfilling life. If you find that you can’t bring yourself set goals in your current situation, start looking elsewhere.

3. You’re not in control of your income.

If your job performance doesn’t impact how much money you make (through bonuses, profit sharing, or commission) you might make more, and feel better, by jumping ship to a position that does. Controlling the fate of your wallet will motivate you to achieve the financial and life goals you’re setting for yourself. (See how this all fits together?) It’s time to ask yourself- What’s in it for me to work here?

4. Forget the quarter or the month, you can’t see beyond Friday.

If you’re constantly stuck thinking about the short-term, or just don’t want to think about the long-term, you might be overworked or unsatisfied. Work should be about achieving meaningful projects, not only for the company but for YOU, as well. Don’t waste time checking off daily to-do lists. If you can’t plan beyond Friday’s paycheck, you’re not working on something that fills you with passion.

5. A savings account?… Are you kidding? What’s that?

A lack of good savings is a financial red flag for anyone. First and foremost, check in on your budget and your goals to make sure you’re managing your financial house properly. After that, consider if the job you’re in is setting you up for the long-term financial freedom you’re after. If you aren’t… look around for more lucrative opportunities. Believe me, they are out there.

6. You’re working in a non-supportive environment.

Does your company promote from within? Is there a defined path for your growth? Does it feel like your company has an interest in your future? If not, there are many companies out there which prioritize employee growth. They know too well that the organization can’t get what it wants until each individual within it gets what they want first.

7. You’ve stopped learning.

Challenging yourself, learning new things, and stepping out of your comfort zone are all important for a happy, fulfilling career. If you’re in a position where you never need to learn new skills, you’re probably not going to be satisfied for very long. If you’re in a position where you probably aren’t going to need to learn new skills, you’ll stop growing and you’re probably not going to be satisfied for very long.

8. You’re not the only one. 

Are you and your coworkers talking about all this around the water cooler? If your colleagues are experiencing many of these same issues, it’s time to find greener pastures. When something has spread this far-and-wide across a company, reversing course can be difficult and requires buy-in of senior leadership, who are often not onboard. Instead, search for offices with fun, supportive cultures that will make your workplace more fulfilling. There are plenty of them, and they’d love to have you.

9. Your office in three words: dark, depressing, stagnant.

Maybe this is actually an obvious one, but work shouldn’t be hell! If your office has the feel of a dungeon in a black and white film – no energy, dull and boring – it WILL begin to affect you. So, you guessed it, it’s definitely time to move on.

So, how many of these sounded alarm bells as you read them? 1 or 2? With some effort, you might be able to be an agent of change in your workplace and turn this around. 

More than that? Well, maybe it’s time to browse those LinkedIn connections and see who you can ask for a favor because some cultures are beyond saving. Don’t be afraid though! There’s a historic worker shortage in the US and that makes it the perfect time to find a new job in any of the blue-collar trades. And here’s the secret… shortage of supply always raises wages… and right now – this is where the money is!

You ready to make the jump? Let’s do this!

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