Achieve Your Goals By Taking the Path to Freedom

Where do you envision yourself in five to ten years? In your mind’s eye, where does your path lead?

As I convey in my book Blue Collar Cash, there’s nothing I’m more obsessed with than paths. After all, in the literal sense, I’ve been digging them around foundations for the majority of my life while working in construction. I even spend my free time on all kinds of paths: trails, back roads, and golf courses. Nothing gives me more hope, more clarity, or more inspiration than continuing on a path that I’m certain will lead me to a wonderful destination.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re always walking on a path. The unfortunate reality is that many people aren’t exactly sure of where they’re headed! As a result, they spend far too much time hopping from one path to another, walking aimlessly in circles, or quitting before they reach the glorious summit.

It’s time to think about your path. I would argue that thinking about increasing your freedom is a great way to decide where your path should go. In Blue Collar Cash, I define freedom as “the state of being free, the absence of constraint in choice or action, not having necessity or coercion, the opportunity to pursue one’s happiness”. Freedom is a powerful, positive emotion that can invite love, creativity, and charity into your life

Choosing freedom sounds obvious, but have you done it, yet? I’m here to tell you that you already have everything you need inside of you to be free. What you need to do now is make a plan to get there.

Ready? I want to present you with a challenge. Your ultimate path to freedom requires that you acknowledge the preciousness of your time. You take stock of what you’re doing and then you can start focusing on what you do want. Take a daily inventory of how you spend your time. Set a timer for twenty-four hours, and record everything you do in a journal throughout the day. Is your time spent on tasks that are moving you closer or further away from freedom? Are you independent and self-reliant? Or are you still asking for permission and letting other people determine your path?

After one week you may feel pretty upset with what you see.

That’s okay, because now you have the opportunity to choose freedom. Reevaluate your job, reevaluate your goals (or set some for the first time), and plan ways that you can take more control over your life. You get to decide what feelings and experiences you want to have. You get to choose your ultimate path to freedom.

To get you started, I previously created a list of five practical steps to achieve your goals and become the individual YOU want to be.

Let’s just say that if Ken Rusk, once a scrappy kid with no college education, can end up owning his own company as a blue-collar millionaire, then you definitely can too. Anyone can become a blue-collar millionaire.