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Press & Media Inquiries

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Press & Media Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question about contacting Ken Rusk, please read through our FAQs below to find your answer. Info covers press releases, book tours, and signed copies of Blue Collar Cool.

How Do I Contact Ken Rusk?

You may contact Ken Rusk by entering your e-mail address and a message into the contact form. You can write a letter to Ken Rusk at the following address:

Ken Rusk
c/o Author Mail
Centennial Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43617

How Do I Contact Ken's Publisher to Order a Book or with Other Issues?

Please call Sterling Lord Literistic at (212) 780-6050 or e-mail

Is Ken Rusk Doing a Book Tour?

You can get the latest info on tour dates by following Ken's social media and reading his blog.

How Do I get a Signed Copy of Blue Collar Cool by Ken Rusk?

To receive a signed book by Ken Rusk, please attend a book signing. Book signing dates will be posted here or on Ken's blog.

How Do I Find Out More About Ken Rusk?

Please read Meet Ken Rusk here on the website, watch the videos in the Stories section, or read Ken's blog.

For media inquiries and press related requests, please Sterling Lord Literistic.

If you would like to request an interview or group presentation with Ken Rusk, please contact Sterling Lord Literistic.

For press releases please call Artonic at (517) 902-7851 or e-mail, and we will add you to our email list so you automatically get all of our press releases. Thank you!

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