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5 Top Blue-Collar Skills You Can Teach Yourself

You already know you can have a great career without going to college, but many blue-collar jobs still require some amount of formal training or education to get licensed. After all, you’re probably not going to pick up what you need to know to become an elevator installer or power plant operator around the house!

Still, there are many blue-collar skills you can teach yourself that will help your bank account. These are skills that can save you money, add value to your home, keep you and your family safer, or earn you income on the side. And if you decide to make a career change down the road, they’re also something you could potentially turn into a full-time job or business. Read More »

How to Achieve Any Business Goal – Get the Whole Team On Board

Most small business goals revolve around increasing revenue, increasing accounts, or even increasing staff. In all of these cases, we must begin with the end in mind and plan how to get there.

Yet, without buy-in from employees, you can plan all you want, and you’re still unlikely to reach the goal on time (if you get there at all). That’s why it’s my personal belief that business goals are best served when shared with all of the players involved and tied to your employees’ personal goals.  As the owner of several businesses, I have always said to our employees that "I can't get (nor can my company get) what I need or want ... until all of you get what you need first," and I believe that this has been the secret to the tremendous growth within our organizations. For example, one of my companies has expanded so much we are building its fourth headquarters in the last 20 years. Read More »

What Does a Plumber Do and How Much Do They Make?

If you’re looking for a recession-proof career, consider becoming a plumber. After all, people will always need toilets that flush and pipes that don’t leak. And while plumbers need to go through training and apprenticeship to be licensed in most states, they don't need a college degree, making it an attractive career path for people already handy around the house.

But what does a plumber actually do, and how much money do they make? Here’s what you need to know: Read More »

Reduce Turnover, Keep Your Best Employees, and Build A Great Business

Think about your current job. Do you actually like being there? What perks or benefits are the biggest draw? Healthcare? Paid sick time and vacation?  Likely, the perks are important, but another huge factor can make or break work culture and affect turnover: employers' interest in their employees.

Employees respond when businesses make it a priority to respect them and show interest in their lives, and employers who go above and beyond to invest time and care into their employees very quickly discover that the extra effort is well worth it.  Read More »

Trade Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

14 Six Figure Jobs That Don't Require A Degree

Think you need a college degree to earn a decent wage? Think again. As I write about in Blue Collar Cash, there are plenty of six figure jobs in the blue-collar field that don’t require four-year degrees and tens of thousands of dollars of debt. 

Indeed, whether you want to work with your hands, in hospitality, or in the aviation industry, there are great jobs that pay 6 figures with just a high school diploma. Many of them are also recession-proof, meaning employees are protected from the macroeconomic environment. Read More »

The 7 Highest Paying Trade Jobs That Are in Demand Now

Are you thinking about your career and college, but you’re just not seeing how these two pieces fit together? You’re not alone! Deciding on a career path can be exciting, but society pressures you to go to college even if it’s not a fit. Fortunately, plenty of trade jobs are in demand right now just waiting for anyone willing to get in and get their hands dirty!

If you’re looking to forge your own path, trade jobs will always be in demand, pay well, and don't require a college degree. Indeed, the number of jobs that pay $80,000 or more going unfilled while kids accumulate debt for degrees is scary. It's also exactly why I wrote Blue Collar Cash. Read More »

Top 5 Blue Collar Jobs (by job opening) – October 2020

In August and September 2020, multiple reports came out indicating a deep need for blue-collar workers - even amid the pandemic. The need for hands-on workers is there, as many blue-collar jobs are recession-proof. Thus, these positions continue to provide excellent stability, compensation, and a life of happiness!

As of October 15th, had 456,270 blue-collar jobs listed, with over 30,000 posted within the last week. The five jobs with the most openings available are:
Read More »

How To Spend Your Paycheck For The Ideal Budget

People hear the word "budget" and start to panic. Usually, this is because they're either stressed about their budget or, worse, don't have one. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

Budgeting doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it can open you up to a more beautiful life of sustainable financial health. Money and time are valuable resources and spending them wisely will make you happier. Budgeting is a great way to lay out your priorities and to help you determine how to spend your money AND time.  Read More »

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