Building a Mental Foundation for Success

I know a thing or two about foundations – I’ve been working on them since I was 15! Without the proper systems in place, many foundations face serious water damage due to rainfall. Other foundations just weren’t built right to begin with. 

Regardless, I’ve seen my share of cracking walls and flooded basements. I’ve even seen homes about ready to collapse because of the condition of the foundation.

The structural integrity and health of a home’s foundation affects the rest of the home. If a basement is damp, the rest of the home can smell musty. If a foundation is crumbling, anything above it will have a tough time standing strong.

Just like a home sits on a solid foundation, life requires the very same. In some cases, like you’ll see below… our foundations can be in need of rebuilding. The good news is, it’s never too late to put a solid footing under a home, or under ourselves.

What serves as the foundation for the many areas of your life? Your mentality! Lucky for you, I know a bit about what a solid metal foundation looks like, as well!

When you build a successful mental foundation, you’re taking a very positive first step on the path to your own, unique version of Comfort, Peace and Freedom.

How Do You Build a Successful Mental Foundation?

Every one of the keys below play a critical role as you build your own successful mental foundation. If a building foundation is missing a cornerstone, it’s significantly weaker. The same goes here. You should do your best to apply each one of these principles and build the strongest mental foundation possible for yourself.

  • Learn How to Visualize What YOU Desire
  • Cultivate a Positive Mindset
  • Understand YOU are Responsible for Your Life
  • Learn The Right Way to Set Goals
  • Harness The Power of Generosity

Learn How to Visualize What YOU Desire

You can’t go anywhere without a final destination in mind. Without living a life anticipating the great things to come, what are you really looking forward to? What are you living for?

You need to begin with the end in mind. What exactly do you want out of your life? Visualize very clearly all the desires in your life. Whether they’re materialistic or not, the key is to get a crystal clear picture of what you want first.

The best part about this is it’s all yours. You own it. Nobody else has this exact vision that you have. It’s uniquely yours!

Cultivate A Positive Mindset

Probably knew that was coming, huh? It’s so true though. With a positive mindset, you can face the day, weeks, and months to come, along with the challenges that will surely transpire with them.

Believe me when I say that you have the power to control your emotions. Only you get to decide what goes on in that mind of yours. If you have a negative emotion floating around in there, I’d encourage you to throw that out as quickly as possible.

If you didn’t already have this box checked, you’re going to be amazed at how much stronger your mental foundation is about to be.

Understand YOU are Responsible for Your Life

I learned a long time ago I couldn’t control anyone else, but I could control myself. You need to understand you are in control of your own input, therefore your own output, and all of the positives or negatives that will follow.

Just like you’re responsible for your emotions, you are responsible for your life input, as well. If you want a solid mental foundation you need to understand that you are truly in control of your own input. You decide how much effort you apply in your career, how much love you show your family and friends, and even your diet and exercise habits.

You can take control of your own life and end your worries about all the outside stuff you can’t change. You’ll be happy you did and the results will speak for themselves.

Learn the Right Way to Set Goals

I’m not sure there’s a better feeling in life then when you achieve a goal you had set for yourself. Problem is, most people have no idea how to actually set goals or even what to set them for. 

That’s why your visualization process is so important. When you can visualize what you desire, your goals become clear. Now you just have to go about setting those goals the right way. The method I recommend is simple. My guide The 5 Steps to Achieving Any Goal goes over this in greater detail and I’m certain if you follow those steps you’ll achieve any goal you set for yourself.

It’s crucial you first identify exactly what you aim to achieve, exactly when you want to achieve it, and exactly what it’s going to take to get there. When you work in exacts with your goals, they become certain instead of just being hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Harness The Power of Generosity

The previous keys to building a successful mental foundation were all related to you. This one is all about everyone else. Of course, the key to the success of your giving is well, you.

I believe if you’re able to give of your time, talents, and treasures, you’ve built a solid mental foundation. I think generosity is an active form of gratitude. It’s like showing the world how grateful you are.

Best part is, I have absolutely no doubt that if you’re truly generous, you will be rewarded. It just feels good to give back. I’ve never been generous and walked away feeling like my mental foundation had been damaged.

Just remember this when you’re truly aiming to be generous: Give, Get, and Give again.

What Can You Achieve With a Solid Mental Foundation?

The benefits of having built a successful mental foundation are endless, but let’s go over a few of my favorites.


When you’re able to build a successful mental foundation, you’ll be on a fast track to achieving something I believe everyone should strive for: Comfort, Peace, and Freedom.

If you’re familiar with anything of mine, you probably know by now that Comfort, Peace, and Freedom is a common theme. When I first started writing Blue Collar Cash  these three words just kept coming back and it’s no surprise.

When you achieve your goals and obtain the things in your life vision, you will definitely start feeling comfortable, peaceful, and free.

Any Goal You Set for Yourself

Like I said before, with the right mindset and method in your goal setting, you’ll be able to achieve literally any goal you set for yourself. The only thing standing in your way is the time it will take to get there. 

Trust me when I say once you achieve one goal, you’re going to want another, and another. You’ll become a goal-crushing machine.

A Truly Successful Budget and Retirement Plan

Once you’re able to build a mindset that can’t be shaken, you’ll be far more prepared to take on a task like budgeting and saving for your future. You’ll have a much higher chance of finding financial freedom.

In fact, some of the goals you’ll set will probably be financially based. If you build a stable mental foundation, your finances will be more stable as well. You’ll be ready to spend each paycheck wisely and find your ideal budget.

Success Regardless of Your Career Path

Too many people try to find their “purpose in life” by starting with their career. I’m here to tell you that is the wrong way to think. If you have a successful mental foundation, you’ll begin to realize you shouldn’t design your life around your career at all. In fact, you should design your career around your life.

I’ve come to know many people who have paved their own path to success. Many of whom find success by way of a blue-collar career.

No, success doesn’t always mean making millions, buying super cars, and living in a mansion. With your mental foundation, you should understand success is whatever you want it to look like. However, if good money is part of that success for you, I have good news. There are plenty of high paying jobs in the trades for you to take advantage of!

Successful Mental Foundations Take Time to Build

You need to understand this stuff isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time to build a mental foundation that will help lead you to success in all aspects of your life.

Go figure, home foundations are the same way. Take a look at one of my team’s latest projects below! This place needed some serious help, but we’re grateful to give this home the legs it needs to stand strong.

The foundation under a house

And before I forget, a perfect alignment to some of what you’ve now learned. This foundation project is actually an act of generosity, as well! All the work by my team was donated to this great cause.

The Art Tatum Zone is remodeling the house famous jazz pianist himself, Art Tatum, grew up in! The home will now serve as an exploration center for youth to learn about music. So grateful to play a role in this project!

Now get out there and start building your way to success, starting with your mindset!

Art Tatum's house

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